Electronic control for sensorless brushless motors for industrial use

10 June 2021

Simaco has developed and recently introduced on the market an electronic board specifically for the control of sensorless brushless motors of the C, CP, CX and MD series.

With a minimum size of only 92x75mm, it allows the simple integration of the electric pumps with the 24V circuit of the cooling system.

To use the control board, a nominal power supply voltage of 24Vdc with power greater than or equal to 250W is required. The start/stop of the motor is determined respectively by the closing/opening of the clean contact input (SELV).

Through the use of dip switches it is possible to set the motor rotation speeds (up to 8 combinations) from a minimum of 2900rpm to a maximum of 3400 rpm. The change of settings must be performed in the absence of power supply, the new settings are acquired when the board is powered up again.

Feedback and monitoring

On the electronic board there is a red smd LED which allows to quickly evaluate the operating conditions:
– off = normal operating condition
– on = motor OFF or general lockout/malfunction condition.

It is possible to remotely monitor the operating status of the motor, together with the main electrical and mechanical parameters, by connecting the board to a PC via the serial communication port, according to the MODBUS RTU protocol implemented on the RS232 electrical standard.


In the event of a fault/anomaly when starting, or with the motor already running, the rotation stops immediately, the board is programmed to try to restart the engine for a maximum of three times. At the third attempt, if the malfunction situation persists, it is necessary to switch off the power supply and then power the board.

Operating conditions

The board is provided with anti-condensation film type V66 resin coating, with an IP20 protection against dust and liquids. This version can have integration into systems already protected by the customer.

A second version instead provides for the insertion in a plastic box that raises the level of protection to IP54, with the possibility of customized wiring in type and length. The general operating conditions allow temperatures between -35°C ÷ +55°C with 85% RH non-condensing.

IP54 wired box on demand
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