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Immagine del prodotto Simaco KATARI
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Antiviral and bactericidal LED lamp, with ultraviolet C-band light.

KATARI™ is the LED UV-C lamp designed and produced by Simaco Elettromeccanica based in Corte Palasio in Northern Italy, which has recently wanted to present a solution to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic which has turned our lives upside down. There are various solutions out on the market, but Simaco wanted to overcome this using a one-of-akind, highly innovative product. It has been designed to radiate ultraviolet UV-C light with a wavelength of 275 - 285nm, KATARI™ is a LED lamp ideal for removing bacteria, viruses, germs, but also mould and pathogens, in various types of closed environments (household, workplace, commercial), where there is a high concentration of contaminants.

Simulator of sanitizing times

Simplified simulator of the sanitizing times of the KATARI 3-2 lamp. For rooms larger than 6x6m or particular installations please contact SIMACO for a detailed simulation.