Regenerative turbine electric pumps

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Regenerative turbine electric pumps

Hydraulic Performace

Surface electric pumps in brass with peripheral impeller with mechanical seal, ideal for increasing or maintaining circulating pressures at medium-low hydraulic flow rates in closed-circuit systems.

With pressures up to 11bar, they are suitable for use with oils, clear and clean liquids without suspended parts or abrasive parts and dilutions inert respect to the pump materials. Fluid use temperatures up to 90 ° for standard versions and 180 ° C for special versions. The selected materials guarantee a safety against the formation of rust.

Operation with single-phase or three-phase synchronous electric motors also in double-frequency version (on request) sized and manufactured by Simaco for over 55 years. Products with rated power> 0.75kW are in IE3 efficiency class(Premium Efficiency), in line with EU legislation. Alternatively, the possibility of coupling the pump with PMSM synchronous motors (PermanentMagnetSynchronousMotors) is available on request, which allows for a reduction in dimensions, reduction of costs, and consumption during the work cycle, guarantee in greater flexibility in relation to the required performance and implementation with control sensors.

For all electric pumps with three-phase motor and single-phase motor size Gr. 56-63-71, cRUuscertificationisavailable.

The smallest model, C36, can also be combined with our new 24V DC Brushless motors specially designed for applications running direct current. These solutions are very compact and efficient, they can be controlled with the specific electronic control for our 24V DC brushless motors. The motor speed is adjustable through dip switches, up to 4 preset speeds: 2900-3050-3200-3400 rpm.

Extensiveversatility and customization with a wide selection of mechanical seals, electrical connections, compatibility with particular liquids and temperatures, on request.

The smaller model is available in the MD version with magnetic drive, without mechanical seal, to eliminate the risk of liquid leakage and therefore problems with the electrical circuit or decreased performance.

Pumps specially dedicated to industrial sectors/applications including thermoregulators, osmosis, laser cooling, solar, E-Mobility.

Operation with oils, clear and clean liquids without suspended solids or abrasives, and inert dilutions as regards to the pump materials

The materials guarantee safety against the formation of rust. Pumps specially dedicated to industrial sectors/applications. Extensive versatility, especially in the dual-frequency version, with a wide selection of mechanical seals available on request.

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