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Submersible drainage electric pumps

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The new range of EGO Submersible Electric Pumps is built with the knowledge that distinguishes Simaco since many years, always at the forefront of research and application of the best technology, offering the market continued innovations.

EGO pumps, with high performances, are the result of a careful study of construction features, materials and market demands and offer maximum versatility ‘executions, long-life and easy maintenance. Upon request, we supply the version HI-FI Long Life, where a special coat on the shaft of wear-resistant material and a special seal-ring allow heavy-duty applications, extending the resistance to wear.
SE - ELECTRONIC SENSOR Simaco launches a very innovative version in the domestic submersible electric pumps market. Thanks to the new technology with integrated sensors, which drive by an electronic card board the automatism of Start and Stop suction level, the user itself can decide at what level to start the pump automatically, avoiding unwanted flooding in places where it is essential to monitor the water level. The sensors allow to adjust according to the need of the consumer, the operating range, both as regards to Start/Stop both as regards to minimum level of suction. The very compact dimensions allow the use even in very small areas. The system automatically allows the motor to keep on running for a few more seconds (about 2-3 minutes), specifically engineered to eliminate the uncertainty of the Start/Stop caused by turbulence and/or water waves. Thanks to the possibility to overlap Start and Stop position of the pump, the user has full and free choice to decide the maximum quantity of liquid left.

GI - INCORPORATED FLOAT SWITCH The GI incorporated float-switch, very compact, is especially designed for use in very small pits. Simply operating on the mechanic control external lever, you can activate the function Man or Auto to pump water at a pre-fixed level. In the AUTO mode, suction starts when water level reaches the 130mm and stops at 70mm ca.
LS - LOWEST SUCTION All models and versions are also available in the execution LS - Lowest Suction. Thanks to a special pump body and impeller you have the possibility to suck water down to 1 mm.

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