21 January 2021

KATARI is the LED UV-C lamp designed and produced by Simaco Elettromeccanica based in Corte Palasio in Northern Italy, which has recently wanted to present a solution to the SARS-CoV2 pandemic which has turned our lives upside down; There are various solutions out on the market, but Simaco wanted to overcome this using a one-of-a-kind, highly innovative product.

Versatility for every room

It has been designed to radiate ultraviolet UV-C light with a wavelength of 275 – 285nm, KATARI is a LED lamp ideal for removing bacteria, viruses, germs, but also mould and pathogens, in various types of environments (household, workplace, commercial), where there is a high concentration of contaminants.

Double Safety

The human eye is unable to perceive ultraviolet rays; without the necessary precautions, UV-B and UV-C radiation can result in skin and eye disorders in cases of prolonged exposure. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is vital that the lamp operates in the absence of any persons or animals.

For this reason, we have developed two versions:

Manually controlled by a remote switch, where a user switches the system on and off. This version is particularly used in those places where access control is possible.

In addition to manual control with switch, it allows control by integrating with existing systems. With presence sensors for switching the system on and off automatically, it is ideal in those places where the presence and passage of people cannot be excluded.

Ultraviolet UV-C light

It has been scientifically proven that ultraviolet rays affect all airborne or waterborne living microorganisms, be they bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, spores, etc (1)(2). Ultraviolet UV-C light is able to modify the DNA or RNA of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing, i.e. from being harmful to human health(3). For this reason, it is currently used in various applications such as in the disinfection of food, water and air, but also spaces and surfaces in hospitals and public places.

The UV-C LEDs used for the KATARI emit light at a wave length between 275 and 280 nm, much closer to the peak maximum efficacy. This allows a greater efficacy to be achieved compared to traditional lamps, whilst requiring less power.

Consulting and planning

The size of the installation, and therefore the selection of the required UV-C intensity, is calculated on the basis of the size of the space and the required sanitisation times. There are no limits to the application of the KATARI, Simaco offers its own consultancy to designers who have to devise a room illumination project. Simaco has also developed a proprietary software for precisely calculating the times required for sanitisation, starting with the actual room dimensions, or for selecting the ideal lamp starting with the time required.

Example of using 1 KATARI™ 3-2 lamp installing on the ceiling.

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