KATARI PORTABLE, the new solution for maximum sanitization versatility

21 May 2021

Alongside the current 3 versions for ceiling / wall installation, SIMACO has developed a new PORTABLE version with a tripod.

This portable solution allows you to sanitize environments without the need for fixing operations, thanks to a light and compact tripod it is possible to use KATARI room by room avoiding building work or technical personnel.


KATARI PORTABLE is also widely suitable for those applications where it is necessary to sanitize only small areas (desks, workstations, equipment, …) in the shortest possible time. By adjusting the height of the lamp, it is possible to limit the action of UV-C radiation from an area of 1m in diameter up to a maximum of 6m, with a significant reduction in exposure times to achieve 99.9% sanitization.


The support consists of a resealable tripod in painted steel, with an extendable beam up to a height of 2.40m, which allows you to simulate ceiling installation to sanitize up to a room of 6x6m. 3 quick locking clamps allow you to quickly adjust the desired height. The lamp is equipped with a 10m cable with Schuko plug, which allows you to reach sockets even not in the immediate proximity.

Rubber feet guarantee maximum stability and safety to the system.

The kit weighs only 5.5kg resulting in agile maneuverability and transport for anyone. Once closed, the stand of KATARI PORTABLE occupies a space of only 30 x 30 x h85cm, it can be easily stored in a storage closet or transported in the trunk of a car.

The UV-C technology allows to inactivate or eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores and molds, KATARI PORTABLE thanks to the joint that can be oriented in both directions, is a versatile solution for the sanitization of any surface and object. Available in the PRO version, with a motion sensor that deactivates the lamp as soon as it detects the presence of people or animals, it guarantees maximum safety of use.


with remote driver and 1.5m connection cable

with driver included

with remote driver and 1.5m connection cable

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