New high efficiency “VP” vertical pumps

17 December 2018

SIMACO introduces a whole new range of vertical pumps with increased efficiency and performance characteristics dedicated to the ever-increasing demanding customers in applications such as cooling, temperature control and hydraulic systems.

These are easy installation single-stage vertical brass electric pumps with immerged regenerative impeller ideal for maintaining the working pressure in open circuit systems.

These innovative pumps guarantee high efficiency standards (+20% compared to the current VA) with low consumption and as much performance as similar dual-stage pumps.

They are completed by a versatile hydraulic circuit that allows the diversification of performance with a tailor-made cut suitable for the end user and an expanded range with 6 immersion lengths. Optimization of hydraulic performance thanks to recalibrated impeller, which also reduces seizure risks by 50%. Optimization of high environmental impact components with reduction of the thicknesses, which translates into a saving of climate-altering gases emissions (Tonn. CO2 eq.) of 53%.

These vertical pumps are dedicated to clear and clean liquids, such as water or oil, without suspended or abrasive parts; temperature up to 90°C for water and up to 150°C for oil in the standard version; oil up to 200°C on request. Corrosion-resistant anti-dezincification materials. Extended versatility, especially in the double-frequency version available on request.


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