New high efficiency “VP” vertical pumps

17 December 2018

SIMACO introduces a whole new range of vertical pumps with increased efficiency and performance characteristics dedicated to the ever-increasing demanding customers in applications such as cooling, temperature control and hydraulic systems.

The new VP replace the previous VA, raising the quality level of Simaco’s vertical axis range.


These are easy installation single-stage vertical brass electric pumps with immerged regenerative impeller, very easy to install and high safety, ideal for maintaining the working pressure in open circuit systems. The pumps have been designed to be mounted above the tanks with the pump part completely immersed in the liquid.

These vertical pumps are dedicated to clear and clean liquids, such as water or oil, without suspended or abrasive parts. The operating temperatures of the pumped liquid can reach 90°C for water and up to 150°C for oil in the standard version; for particular situations of use, on request, use with oil can be guaranteed up to 200°C.

Better, but why?

These innovative pumps guarantee high efficiency standards (+20% compared to the current VA) with low consumption and as much performance as similar multi-stage pumps.

The calibration of the hydraulic circuit and the impeller clearances have enabled an optimization of the performance, reaching a maximum pressure of up to 70m and a maximum flow rate of 55l/min. In addition, the risk of seizure has been reduced by 50%, which translates into a lower risk of downtime.

The optimization of components with high environmental impact, with a reduction of the masses involved in the hydraulic part, has made it possible to save climate-altering gases emissions (Tons. CO2 eq.) Of up to 53% for each product.

Corrosion-resistant anti-dezincification materials. Extended versatility, especially in the double-frequency version available on request. The coupling with cRUus certified motors, on request, allows use in plants and machinery destined for Canadian and American markets that are always in strong expansion.

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