New technologies, space for young people and social inclusion

13 December 2022

60 years of history

An important year is closing for Simaco, characterized by the achievement of 60 years of activity since the foundation. An event was held on 09 September at Palazzo Calderari in Turano Lodigiano which brought together customers and suppliers, but above all employees and local institutions, to share this goal together. The evening was an opportunity to take a look at the past that characterized the company founded by Eng. Guercilena now led by his 4 children, but above all to the changes that will be introduced in the short to medium term.

Some innovations have already started this year: a new production line will be operational by the end of the year, while a 22kW electric vehicle charging station is already in operation in the company car park, for use by visitors and employees.

Invest in young people

Even if the 2020 pandemic dealt a severe blow to the Italian production system, the Lodi companies resisted well and SIMACO decided to react promptly right away, investing in the development of new international markets and in highly technological sectors. Electric pumps for cooling chillers in the semiconductor industry, for air-oil cooling systems in e-mobility or for innovative hydrogen systems, are some of the examples. The growth has already led to a record turnover for the company in 2021, which exports 75% of its production to over 40 countries, but needs specialized human resources and SIMACO looks to the new generations to face this and the challenges of the future. In collaboration with local high schools, every year at least 4 students are involved in activities through the so called “school-work alternation” projects. In 2021 one of these guys was hired in the production department.

The share of young people under 30 represents over 21% of the total in SIMACO (above the national average) but the figure is destined to grow because the company aims at 30% by 2025, with a hiring plan in key sectors such as R&D, IT and logistics.

Social inclusion, a new challenge

For many years, attentive to the social impact of internal activities on local communities, the company is engaged on various fronts with donations, sharing of results with employees and integration projects.

Since April, the company has wanted to undertake a concrete project by introducing the second figure belonging to the protected categories, a 26-year-old disabled young man, going beyond the limit imposed by law. “An immense joy to have found a warm welcome for our son in SIMACO and in the Guercilena family, after years of continuous research which often resulted in a priori refusal. The desire to get to know him and to adapt to his needs allowed for a peaceful integration in the activities and with colleagues in a few months ”comment the boy’s parents.

With this spirit SIMACO prepares to face the challenges of the future with an eye always pointed to business development, without forgetting social issues.

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