Plant insulation: SIMACO presents thermoformed shells for the insulation of electric pumps.

16 April 2021

To cope with special process and/or environmental conditions, SIMACO has produced a new accessory, to accompany the electric pumps on catalogue.

These are insulating shells made to measure according to the models, which homogeneously wrap the hydraulic part, guaranteeing thermal and acoustic insulation from the external environment.


Made of black cross-linked polyolefin foam (density 70 kg/m3), they allow the pump part to be wound up to the front shield of the motor, with a uniformed thickness of 5mm. It is garanteed a free operating room for connecting  with the piping circuit, to ensure manageable operations. Thanks to the absence of adhesives, the shell fits perfectly on the geometries of the various models, the insulating accessory can be repositioned several times without suffering any damage.

The selected material guarantees excellent dimensional stability in relation to temperature change, from -60 °C up to +90 °C according to ISO 2796. The thermal conductance which settles at 0,035 W/mK guarantees excellent insulation performance, improving the thermal stability of the liquid in the circuit. The intrinsic safety of the component guarantees a flammability <100mm/min: ≥4 Tck mm (DIN 75200).


The use of the shell is recommended for example in the following cases, which often occur when using regenerative turbine electric pumps:

  • Installation where there are thermal differences between room temperature and circulating fluid;
  • Plants where it is necessary to keep the circulating fluid at constant temperature;-
  • Reduce or inhibit the condensation on the pump body;
  • Reduction of pump noise level for applications in laboratory or wherever is necessary a noise level reduction.


Currently already in production on the models with motor sizes 56 and 63:

  • KN37, KN45
  • C36, C44
  • CX36, CX44

they can also be made on request for other sizes and for the magnetic drive MD-CX and DC-24V range, with small minimum purchase lots.

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