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Immagine del prodotto Simaco KN 37 DC24V
Product Details

KN 37 DC24V

Regenerative turbine electric pumps for cutting and welding


Continuous duty S1.
Sensorless DC Brushless motor without control electronics.
Insulation class F.
Protection IP42
IE3 efficiency class for 3-phase motors >0,75 kW.
Working tolerance: +/- 10%.
Liquid temperature (with anti-freeze additive): -20 °C / +90 °C.
Limit ambient temperature: +40 °C.
Normal priming, manometer suction up to 5m.
For clear waters and non-aggressive dilutions, without abrasive substances.

On request

Special voltages.
60Hz version.
Special fluids with temperature <180°C.
Other protections IP


specifica tecina KN 37 DC24V

Hydraulic performance

specifica tecina KN 37 DC24V

Hydraulic characteristics for water 20°C at nominal pump speed.
Tolerance according ISO 9906-2012