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Immagine del prodotto Simaco VP 640
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VP 640

Vertical regenerative turbine electric pumps

*60Hz performance identical curve at 50Hz


Continuous duty S1.
2 pole motor.
Insulation class F.
Protection IP42
Working tolerance: +/- 10%.
Liquid temperature (with anti-freeze additive): -20 °C / +150 °C.
Limit ambient temperature: -10 °C/+40 °C.
For clear waters/oils and non-aggressive dilutions, without abrasive substances.
Min NPSH + = 70mm (minimum suggested immersion height).

On request

Special voltages
Version for oil 200°C
Metal fan-cover
Other IP degrees
cRUus certified motors for selected tensions


specifica tecina VP 640

Hydraulic performance

specifica tecina VP 640

Hydraulic characteristics for water 20°C at nominal pump speed with 3PH motor.
Tolerance according ISO 9906-2012