SIMACO electric pumps motors has obtained the cRUus Recognition

17 November 2017

Along with its strong expansion on foreign countries and to enter the key American markets, SIMACO electric pumps have obtained the prestigious cRUus Recognition.

SIMACO makes it available to all its customers who need it, on request, with Underwriters Laboratories certified motors.

This product recognition attests the compliance of electrical devices, such as SIMACO electric pumps, with the essential safety standards and it is essential in countries such as United States, Canada and wherever similar requirements are executed.

The mark indicates that the recognized laboratories, the NRTL – Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory – have examined the products, for guarantee compliance with the applicable products standards for the North American and Canadian markets and the minimum safety requirements, provided by these countries.

According to this regulation, all products with certification or recognition, were found to be suitable to the standards defined by the certificate, in relation to their potential fire, electric shock, mechanical hazards and all applicable OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations.

SIMACO historically design and assemble in-house motor of its electric pumps, constantly careful at performances factors, efficiency and safety standard, guaranteeing completely customization upon customer’s requests. The achievement of this new certification allows SIMACO to reach greater levels of versatility for the customer and export the quality of its products to new markets.

The cURus Recognition is already available for all electric pumps (KN, C, CX, MD-CX, …) with motor size Gr. 56-63-71 (three-phase and one-phase) and with motor size Gr. 80-90 (three-phase).

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