Simaco for the environment

4 May 2020

What is SIMACO doing for the environment?

SIMACO has already undertaken an environmental sustainability policy since 2008, when implanted the first photovoltaic panels. Among the numerous initiatives SIMACO has been a member of the Remedia consortium for years, a collective system for the management of WEEE, batteries and accumulators. Today among the leading companies in the environmental sector, offers services dedicated to the life of technological waste, through innovative and eco-sustainable management. The consortium is a non-profit organization and represents over 2,200 Producers of AEE / batteries.

In 2018 the consortium treated 127,776 tons of e-waste, with a continuous growing trend that has increased of 85% since 2016. Domestic WEEE has represented the most important share, about 82% of material treated, while both professional WEEE and batteries/accumulators, stand around the 9% of the total.

The Life Cycle Assessment methodology has enabled to calculate the environmental footprint of the entire chain, obtaining an assessment of the environmental costs and benefits deriving from the activities carried out by the system.

Carbon footprint: the balance of greenhouse gas emissions

In 2018 the carbon emission balance of the technological waste management by the consortium shows a net quantity of avoided emissions equal to 236.694 tCO2eq, a benefit equal to the detention of over 72 thousand cars that travel 20,000 km in one year. Compared to the previous year there is an increase of 30%.

Water footprint: water balance

In 2018, the water balance related to the management of e-waste by the Remedia system shows a net water saving (or not polluted) of 2,059,998 m3, an increase of 15% compared to 2017.

Material footprint: balance of resources

Of the 4 environmental footprints analyzed, the Material Footprint balance of the e-waste managed by the Remedia system is the one that shows the most marked progress compared to the previous year, with a net saving of raw materials that topped 226.917 tons in 2018, +28% compared to 2017.

Safeguarding the environment is, for SIMACO integral part of company businesses. We will continue in this direction, with an approach that makes environment and economic development coexist, without neglecting the protection of the territory.

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