What is the best pump for spa pools?

21 April 2020

Simaco has been active in the whirlpool, spa pools and wellness sectors for over 25 years, with thousands of products installed in spas and whirlpool bath of leading companies in the sector. Customization (voltages, wiring, executions, accessories) is the characteristic that has always distinguished Simaco’s products on the market, also available for pumps in these sectors.

The MAIN CHARACTERISTIC that identify our centrifugal pumps are:

  • – Operation with liquids at high temperatures max 60 °C, in ambient temperature up to 40 °C;
  • – Very low noise;
  • – High quality materials to corrosion and oxidation resistance;
  • – High motor safety, equipped with automatic reset thermal protector;
  • – IP55 protection degree, with total insulation of the motor from contact to the liquid;
  • – Standard mechanical seal with alumina and graphite, with more performance materials available;
  • – On request, for selected voltages, pump made with materials marked cRUus for the American and Canadian market.

Ranges and models


In order of size this is the smallest model, thanks also to the restyling made in 2019 which made it even more compact, with a 5.2% reduction in length. It is ideal for use in the recirculation of whirlpools with a capacity of 1 to 3 cubic meters, thanks to its performance (up to 7m with 120l/min) it is also used in domestic, zootechnical and industrial sectors.


The wide range of tangential outlets SAM and central outlets MAC is dedicated to the recirculation in medium-sized tanks from 1 to 30 cubic meters, but also to waterfalls and water games. High performances with small dimensions reach hydraulic head up to 16m with flow rates from 265 to 420l/min, with 5 models. Power consumption up to 1,5kW make them ideal also for domestic applications, without requiring modifications to the basic electrical systems. Self-draining versions or with additional drainage available on request.

pompe a mandata


The SAM2 pumps was designed for applications where high hydraulic demands are required, they are used in swimming pools over 30cubic meters up to 250cubic meters in volume. The high flow rate of the SAM2-300T (up to 800l/min) makes it an excellent model also for counter-current swimming. Combined with PMSM motors (on request) it allows to manage and customize the difficulty level of training, at any time. 2 models available with 2-speed motors (2900 and 1400 rpm) useful for various purposes where full-speed performance is not always necessary, allowing a reduction in consumption of up to 77%. The advantage of 2 pumps in 1 product.

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