Quality goal: also in 2018 SIMACO improve its standard

18 July 2019

Also in the 2018, SIMACO invested significant resources to improve its electro pumps quality level, take on the theme on several ways: production optimization, increase checks on entry components, processes improvement, training, R&D.

In the last few years, it is recorded a constant reduction of electro pumps came back in SIMACO, with a -15.7% compared to 2017; -62.5% in 3 years. Considered to the amount of electric pumps introduced on the market, Simaco registered an index of 0.35%, with a reduction of 27.7%, compared to 2017.

electro pumps pompe elettriche simaco

The factors that led to the reduction of returns were:

  • 1. Increase of the controls on incoming components;
  • 2. Introduction of new controls on the assembly line;
  • 3. Introduction of new automated assembly equipment;
  • 4. Assembly operators technical training.


Analyzing the index, model by model, some are visible products have a score near to 0%, while the KN37 for welding industry, place its score near the average value. The specific heavy working condition of vertical electro pumps, make these products easily damaged from various factors. The project of new range of vertical pump VP, improved some critical issues of previous products, aiming for the heavy reduction of the warranty return index, of 1.65%.

electro pumps pompe elettriche simaco

Thanks to the introduction of new analysis tools, in 2018 in was possible for the first time to full monitor the SIMACO response time, in the fixing up and return products process. The analysis shows, compared to 2017, a reduction of 46.3% in the average repair time: difference between the date of entry of the goods and data in which the goods are ready for shipment.

The main factors that led to the reduction of time range were:

  • 1. Introduction, on the 1st of January 2018, of new policies on warranty reparation;
  • 2. optimization of the process and designation of an internal coordinator;
  • 3. Improvement of the analysis methods by the operator.
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