How can I increase the performance of my electric pump?

16 December 2020

Increase the performance of your electric pump thanks to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.

Starting from the MD-CX magnetic drive range Simaco has decided to introduce alongside the asynchronous motors with a very competitive alternative for performance, energy saving, interconnection, dimensions: the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM).
The advantages of this choice are illustrated below.

Greater efficiency of PMSM motors.

In recent years, great emphasis has been given to improvements in the efficiency of electric motors, also due to changes in regulations that have catalyzed the attention of both manufacturers and customers.
Synchronous motors with permanent magnets PMSM offer significantly higher efficiency compared to induction motors, even under partial load conditions, and high efficiency in nominal working conditions.
Their construction architecture reduces the thermal losses from the rotor by 100%, the total losses by about 25% and increases the total efficiency by at least 10%. These improvements translate into a lower total cost of ownership, a reduction in CO2 emissions and continuous savings that amortize future increases in energy costs.

performance electric pump

Costs reduction and energy saving.

The improvements in terms of technology and efficiency imply a higher initial purchase cost, which is quickly recovered, however, during the operating life of the PMSM motor. However, it is known that 96% of the costs for the entire life cycle of an electric motor have to do with energy consumption during the work phase, and not with the initial investment for the purchase.
PMSM motors already meet the requirements of the IE4 and IE5 standard (Super-premium Efficiency), this is demonstrated by their potential energy savings, up to 40% compared to an inverter-controlled squirrel-cage IE2 motor.
The low operating and maintaining costs of PMSM motors makes it the optimal choice for energy saving to be used with pumps the industrial sectors.

Connectivity and control.

The pumps thus made allow the implementation with different sensors (flow, pressure, temperature) in order to create a system able to monitor performance by creating statistics on working hours, faults, maintenance intervals. Finally, the possibility of interconnection of the pump in industry 4.0 system.

Reduced dimensions.

The particular construction features, illustrated above, mean that the installation volume is greatly reduced. The engines selected by Simaco allow a size reduction of up to 30% compared to the engines used today on the catalog range.

performance electric pump

How to demonstrate the convenience of PMSM motors?

To demonstrate the benefits of using these motors, the German company Bauer Gear Motor has agreed to participate in a direct comparison. The test, in which an asynchronous inverter motor and a permanent magnet motor were configured to perform the same activity, was carried out on a wastewater treatment plant active in Germany.

Here is the article, also published in trade magazines, which describes the results obtained.

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