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Heat exchangers


Air-cooling coils for the thermoregulation of the circulating fluids in small/medium-sized systems. These are heat exchangers made with tube bundle mainly in copper with flat aluminum cooling fins. The tubes have a standard size of 9.52mm (3/8“) with a 25mm bend pitch. For particular working conditions, on request, it is possible to make the product with stainless steel tube bundle, more resistant to contact with particular fluids. The geometry is completed by heads in 1mm thick galvanized or stainless steel sheet, for fixing to the cooling unit and possibly supporting the fans, equipped with threaded inserts and/or drilling on a specific design.

The IN/OUTjoints for connection to the circuit can be supplied simply or equipped with a brass hose connector based on Simaco’s design, or on the customer’s design. To date, 200 different projects developed in over 30 years of experience in the sector. The products are 100% hydraulically tested and guaranteed for a working pressure of 16 bar.

On request we carry out sizing and performance evaluations of the heat exchangers, starting from the customers’ specifications (InletFluid Temperature, Inlet Air Temperature, Volumetric Air Flow).

Particularly suitable for use with our KN, C, and CX models, they are mainly used in applications such as cooling units with air/liquid heat exchange.

Code 258555 is a standard heat exchanger always in SIMACO stock, ready for delivery.

Compatible with

CX | Regenerative turbine electric pumps
C | Regenerative turbine electric pumps
KN | Regenerative turbine electric pumps for cutting and welding


165x150x66 3R (#258555) on stock.
Available on request upon drawing.


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