SIMACO obtains the 100% Made in Italy certification

1 January 2019

SIMACO electric pumps, has completed the route that allowed it to obtain the prestigious 100% Made in Italy brand.

The “Made in Italy Certificate” is the voluntary trademark that an Italian company can boast making its own products, such our electric pumps, according to the specification identified by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers (ITPI).

This specification determines a series of minimum requirements that a product must meet, such as:

  • Italian origin of the model / project;
  • processing premises located on the Italian territory;
  • activities carried out in Italy with related authorizations;
  • toll manufacturing / processing, certifying the use of Italian raw materials,
  • accessories and components of national origin as well as work carried out exclusively on Italian territory;
  • adequacy and clarity of supply contracts;
  • procedures ensuring compliance with the certification
  • ability to demonstrate compliance with the binding regulatory framework for the product;
  • ability to demonstrate compliance with the mandatory regulatory framework for infrastructures
  • ability to demonstrate compliance with mandatory regulations for the work environment and safety
  • ability to demonstrate compliance with the mandatory regulation for the control of byproduct and waste materials processing.


Not only a self-certification of Made in Italy but a guarantee that SIMACO operates following processes expressly dedicated to providing its customers with high quality products through a local supply chain that can be fully controlled from origin to sale.

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