Simaco for the industrial sector

11 November 2020

The wide range of Simaco electric pumps has been implemented over the years to meet the needs of different sectors, including:

  • Electronics industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical sector
  • Water Treatment
  • Glass industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Semiconductors
  • Die casting
  • Railway


The products in the catalog are characterized by high flexibility and ability to adapt to different types of plant and characteristics of users. In addition to horizontal installation electric pumps mainly designed for closed circuit systems, there are also vertical pumps for installation in open vessel systems (restyling range VP year 2019).
Electropumps that operate mainly with peripheral impeller guarantee high head even at low flow rates; centrifugal impeller pumps are also available for applications that require high flow rates


There are mainly two families of materials with which Simaco products are made: metals and high performance technopolymers.

The C and VP series are made of brass with good mechanical characteristics and resistance to various chemical agents. For specific applications some pumps are made of  anti-dezincifying brass (zinc content higher than 15%) which has high resistance to corrosion even in contact with sea water or at high temperatures.

Stainless steel
The CX series are made of AISI 316 stainless steel, a material that has high corrosion resistance even in the presence of slightly aggressive solutions. AISI316 is the steel widely used for example in the food, chemical and naval carpentry industries. The use of this steel in the realization of the pump components allows the application to particular sectors where extreme temperatures are required even far below 0°C and/or with specific liquids.

The CP series pump bodies are made of PPS (Poliparphenylene Sulphide) loaded, a technopolymer for special applications with remarkable properties of resistance to chemical agents, high temperatures and steam, non-deformability.
The impeller instead is made of PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) loaded, a technopolymer with excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance (thermal degradation and attack in organic environments and in contact with water) that are maintained even at high temperatures. PEEK is also considered an advanced biomaterial and is used in the manufacture of medical prosthesis.

The pump bodies of the SAM series are made of PPO (polyphenylene dioxide), a polymer with excellent resilience, heat resistance and resistance to chemical attack (mineral acids, alkaline solutions, fats and oils, alcohol). The glass transition temperature of this material allows to use it even at higher than average temperatures.


The range of Simaco engines includes three macro-families in continuous evolution and updating in terms of consumption, efficiency, design and interconnection.

AC asynchronous
All asynchronous motors have been dimensioned and manufactured according to Simaco drawings for over 55 years, products with rated power >0.75kW are in efficiency class IE3 (Premium Efficiency), in line with EU regulations.
This allows us to satisfy the needs of customers by studying, if necessary, the motor suitable to the characteristics of the system, then to the working curve point of the pump.

Recently, starting from the MD-CX range, Simaco has joined the synchronous motors with the PMSM permanent magnet versions which offer significantly higher efficiency even under partial load conditions, and very high efficiency under nominal working conditions.
PMSM motors already meet the requirements of IE4 and IE5 (Super-premium Efficiency) standards and allow implementation with different sensors (flow, pressure, temperature) in order to monitor performance by creating statistics on working hours, failures, maintenance intervals. Finally the possibility of interconnection of the pump in an industrial 4.0 system.
The motors selected by Simaco also allow a reduction in size of up to 30% compared to the motors used today.

Brushless motors with 24V power supply characterized by reduced dimensions (up to -53% compared to an AC motor) and high protection level IP65, which allow the use in applications where dust, dirt and humidity are present.

Magnetic drive

The MD serie is characterized by the transmission of the rotary motion from the motor to the impeller through a magnetic joint, in the absence of mechanical seal and contact of the motor shaft with the liquid. This allows to obtain a complete separation of the hydraulic cavity with the outside, allowing use in heavy sectors where the temperatures of the liquid are extreme reducing to a minimum the risks for human being; and/or where the liquids at stake are particularly expensive


The entire range of Simaco products for industry lends itself to customization according to customer specifications, in terms of mechanical seals, electrical connections, ports configuration.

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