SIMACO presents the new ultra-compact vertical electric pump UCV

12 July 2021

From many years of experience in the field of cooling units for different application sectors, the new range of centrifugal vertical electric pumps with submerged peripheral impeller is born.

Preliminary renderings with 3 different motor versions

UCV are pumps with a brass pump body with performances that guarantee small flow rates with high heads, up to 6bar, and high efficiency. They are particularly used for pumping clean water and clear liquids in cooling units for the E-Mobility sector, in superfast charging systems, for the welding sector, in cooling systems for TIG, MIG and plasma torches with adaptability to the most varied situation of use.

Let’s briefly see the strengths of this new solution, developed by the Simaco R&D team, which could disrupt the internal layouts of the cooling units known to date.

Spaces saving

The vertical architecture with immerged hydraulic part allows you to save space inside the unit, thanks to the fact that up to 50% of the entire electric pump volume is immerged in the tank. Furthermore, this conformation allows a redistribution of the components giving space to developments not practicable until today.

In addition, it is possible to simplify and reduce the complexity of the circuit and the number of pipes, eliminating those foreseen in suction towards the pump.

Leakage free

The hydraulic part immersed in the liquid completely eliminates the risk of leaks, increasing the safety of the system and allowing it to be used with particularly innovative and still expensive liquids on the market today and chemically non-aggressive liquids. Maintenance and machine downtime operations are virtually reduced to zero, as the absence of mechanical seals allows you to accept liquids which, without checking the end customer, can be loaded with bacteria, algae and dye deposits.


The complete immersion of the hydraulic part allows to extend the range of operating temperatures from -20 ° C up to + 180 °C with appropriate measures according to the working characteristics.

Different immersion depths are available, selected to guarantee versatility of application to new projects, adaptability to the most varied situations and to existing systems.

Different motors

The pump unit provides for operation coupled with different motors to adapt to the needs of the system and achieve ever higher efficiency: AC asynchronous motors (produced by Simaco), 24V-DC brushless motors and PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous) motors. Versions with special voltages, bi-frequency and cRUus certificates available on request.

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