We look forward to seeing you in Shenzhen for CHINAPLAS 2021

20 March 2021

CHINAPLAS 2021 fairground, on the calendar from Thursday 13 th to Friday 16 th of April displays a complete overview of all key technologies an core areas of plastic and rubber industry. All customers and visitors can meet SIMACO at our Stand G83, Hall 10.

We are introducing a wide overview of our core products, as well as the latest news developed by our internal Research & Development team, with even more performing and advanced electro pumps in terms of hydraulic performance, quality, reliability and energy saving. This will be the opportunity to meet up together with our technical and sales specialists, to go into the view of a constantly evolving sector.

Some example:

New motors for new pumps generation

We will present some solutions of a research completed in 2020, relating to the use of PMSM motors (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors) on our electric pumps, which offer significantly higher efficiency than induction motors, even in partial load conditions. The result is electric pumps with dimensions up to -30%, interconnected for 4.0 processes.

VP – Vertical pumps

A whole range of “VP VERTICAL ELECTROPUMPS“: easy installation single-stage vertical brass electric pumps, with immerged regenerative impeller, with high security. These innovative pumps give:

  • a wide range of performances and customization;
  • greater hydraulic efficiency; performances like dual-stage pumps but with dimension and cost saving;
  • expanded immersion lengths range and high efficiency motors.

With dezincification resistant brass body and impeller, especially engineered for thermoregulation plants, and other applications with clear fluids up to 90° and oils up to 200°C on demand.

MD-CX Magnetic drive electric pumps

You will also find the “MD-CX” series: the electric sealess surface pumps with peripheral impeller and motion transmitted with magnetic joint, completely made with high resistant stainless steel AISI 316. They are developed for operating with moderately aggressive dilutions without suspended solid, diathermic oils (up to 350°C) and pressurized water (up to 200°C).

During 2020 we developed a new version called CT suitable in cryogenic applications with fully-fluorinated liquids. They find application in industrial sectors and generally where it is required to minimize the risk for man and machinery, a long durability and a leakage free risks, with a consequence reduction in maintenance costs.

elettropompe centrifughe simaco
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