Which is the ideal pump for cooling electric vehicle batteries?

21 January 2021

Time for reading: 3minutes

The fact that electric propulsion does not base its functionality on combustion does not mean that on an electric vehicle there is no heat to be disposed of: during recharging, when the car is switched off but the energy flows involved are sometimes considerable, the battery pack is subject to a temperature increase.

The temperature range within which the batteries operate is between 10°C and 30°C, with dedicated liquid cooling on board the vehicle that keeps them in the ideal temperature range of about 25 °C, far from 45°C (considered a temperature at the operating limit) and 70°C (fire hazard of flammable elements).

Keeping the temperature of the battery pack constant means ensuring a longer life and maximum efficiency in the transformation of energy into traction, regardless of climatic conditions.

Simaco’s solution

Simaco for over 55 years in the fluid moving technology, has developed an ideal pump for battery pack temperature control systems.
The SAM21 product with DC 24V motor contains the best features for use on board of BEVs (Battery electric vehicle) or hybrids.

  • Low heads with high flow rates that guarantee a constant flow of liquid to the entire battery pack regardless of the position of the cooling unit (under the floor, on the roof, on the back).
  • The pump body and the impeller made of technopolymer allow a high resistance to physical (temperature, thermal and electrical conductivity) and chemical agents; moreover it guarantees a fundamental lightness in order not to burden the autonomy.
  • The choice of a brushless motor brings with it a higher efficiency and a further reduction of weight and overall dimensions up to 23% compared to an AC synchronous motor.
  • The selected motor also has an IP55 degree of protection that allows installation even in places subject to high humidity or where there is the accumulation of dust.
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